Create Your Own Merch Store For Free! Launch Cart

How It Works

What is Launch Cart?


Launch Cart is a complete eCommerce platform that lets you create, scale, and manage an online store.

With Launch Cart, you can:

  • Create and manage an online store
  • Sell in multiple countries and currencies
  • Manage products, customers, inventory, payments, and shipping
  • Sell physical or digital products

Launch Cart is an all-in-one solution that is cloud-based and hosted. This means we upgrade and maintain the software so you can focus on growing your business.

Learn more Here.

Launch Cart Business Plans

Certain features only come with a paid Launch Cart Plan. You can find out which plan would work best for your business Here.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

To begin the process, we need a quality print logo, your business address, and the business email address that you would prefer us to use to communicate with you.

*Optional* If you also have a business phone number, we can add that to your site.

How Soon Will My Store Be Ready?

This depends entirely on which package you purchase with Atticus Designs and how prepared you are with providing required content. 

Will I Be Able To Edit My Store After Delivery?

One hundred percent, absolutely! Once we have transferred the account back to you, anything can be edited and you can continue adding more products, customizing your marketing, etc.

Where Does My Merch Come From?

Launch Cart is integrated with Printful, the most popular and trusted POD seller, and is currently working on integrating with Printify and other platforms like it. Learn more about Printful Here.

Selling your merch on Launch Cart can go two ways:

  1. You place all your branding and designs on Printful products and they handle everything which includes, taking and processing the order, taking the client's address and shipping the order for you. Etc.
  2. You create manual orders because you: A. Already have branded products you want to ship yourself. B. Your items are unique and aren't from a POD site. C. You want to sell one or two specific items that Printful does not have but you created on a different POD site. 

*There is an export wizard within LC that can help you with Manual orders. 

Are There Any Further Costs After My Store Is Delivered?

  • If you sign up for the added features in a paid plan through Launch Cart, then there will be a monthly fee.
  • Launch Cart uses Stripe as their credit card platform which applies standard merchant rates.
  • Once a customer buys a product in your store, the money will be transferred to your bank account. Printful will then charge your credit card account to cover the production/fulfillment costs. 

Still Have Questions?

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