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About LC Atticus Designs

Creating any kind of a business is stressful. Atticus Designs offers multiple packages and services to help its clients bypass the hours of designing an eCommerce store from the ground up and instead be able to begin marketing and customizing their products straight away.

What Does It Mean To Be LC Certified?

The Launch Cart Certification Program is a seven-week intensive program that teaches potential partners the ins and outs of the LC platform. We learn the foundations of the platform as well as the intricate, more advanced tools needed to give each store an added edge. This includes CSS coding, and marketing integrations.


LC Certified Partners operate as independent contractors that help with the onboarding process and function as a support system for their clients.

Launch Cart Partnership Program

Do you have experience in web design, building eCommerce stores, and/or coding and want to build a business around it? If not, would you like to learn how?

Check out the Launch Cart Partnership program!