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Basic Store Package

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Basic Store Package:

Designed for new sellers this package will save you the headache of creating your ecommerce store's foundation. At Atticus Designs, we understand that every business needs a stable infrastructure in order to be successful. Why should it be any different for your ecommerce store? 

After receiving your theme concept, logo, and other crucial onboarding information, the process can immediately begin.

Package includes:

  1. Setting up the general settings:
    - Setting up the refund policy & TOS (Terms of service) policies 
    - SEO info

  2. Installing your store on a sub-domain of our choice OR you’ll get to choose what domain we install your store into If you are on a paid LC plan. Once you share domain access with our team, we will configure your domain to be used with your merchandise store. We will also ensure your domain has a properly installed SSL certificate too. *The buyer will be required for buying the domain from a registrar of their choice and sending us login information.

  3. Printful fulfillment integration

  4. Mailchimp integration
    - Create an exit pop for lead generation

  5. Customizing appearance
    - Selecting theme
    - Uploading logo & favicon
    - Linking Social Links
    - Customizing Brand Colors

  6. Customizing Navigation Bar
    - Adding Categories

  7. Create & customize a "social sharing" image


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